Web Application Version 228.0

Web Application Version 228.0

Expected release

22/06/2021 6:00am


  • Delete button now available for manually uploaded Drivercare documents.
  • Increased the character limit on the claim denial reason field when using ‘Deny all’.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with workflow conditions for invoices where only equals and not equals would work.
  • Fixed issue preventing VAT being calculated on saving child invoice categories.
  • Fixed issue causing invoice totals to multiply on every save when a foreign currency was used in conjuction with split category and coding.
  • Fixed issue with invoice template VAT rate setting back to the default value for the category.
  • Fixed issue on category administration causing the ESR tag field to be populated when it shoudl remain empty.
  • Fixed issue preventing the creation of MyTime categories of the type ‘Start and end times with travel time’.
  • Fixed minor issue with the behaviour of the Remove all button button on Category user administration.
  • Stopped invoice Transaction and Finance date showing on templates when the import will automatically populate them.
  • Invoice section tag no longer shows on the daily digest email if the licence is off, the user doens’t have access or there a just no invoices.

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Web Application Version 243.0

Expected release 12/10/2021 6:00am Enhancements New imports for coding and Credit card. Bug fixes Fixed issue which prevented categories syncing

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