Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Logging in

This video shows you how to sign in to the web platform. 

Tour the Dashboard and start creating claims

Have a look at the Dashboard and how to start making a new expense claim.

Storing Files & Receipts and using OCR

Store receipt and invoice images ready to add to claim lines or reconcile business card statements.

We use Google OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read dates, values and VAT details from a receipt so you don’t have to search the receipt.

Work as a delegate

Set up delegates for staff on holiday to approve on their behalf.

Standard Reports

Report on your claim information.

Reset your password

Step by step instructions for resetting your password.

Report Views

Customise real time reports for a flexible system overview. 

Recall approved claims

Recall a claim already approved by your manager.

Create a mileage claim line

Create a postcode to postcode claim line.

Editing returned claim lines

Edit a claim line and make any requested changes.


Extract claim information for archiving or auditing.

Dashboard and claims

Take a tour of the dashboard and start making claims. 

Daily Digest emails

Receive daily emails of your transaction status.

Create new coding

This video shows you how to create a new cost centre.

Create and edit a new user profile

Step by step user creation.

Creating a new expense category

Generate an expense category with ease. 

Create a new claim with a local purchase item

Create a new claim and enter a line for a purchased item eg. parking. 

Recall a claim from your manager and delete a line

Learn how to recall a claim and delete a denied line. 

Adding your vehicle

Learn how to add a new vehicle with a few simple clicks.

Approve and deny claim lines

Authorise claim lines. 

Upload a Corporate Card statement

Simple steps to uploading a card statement


Details on standard reports.

Create a finance file and log out

Simple steps to generating a finance file.

Adding a favourite location

Easily find your location by making it a favourite with these few easy steps. 

How to add favourite journeys

Easily find your journeys by making it a favourite with these few easy steps.