Using Report Views

Using Report Views

Report Views provides a series a reports which can be customised, enabling more flexibility on the presentation of your data than our standard reports may offer.

From the side menu on the Dashboard go to Reporting > Report Views.

Each section contains reports for key sections of the system.

There are a series of reports in each section. Select the one you want to run.

From here you can customise the view by adding filters and groupings or sort the order.

To do this, click the Customise button at the top of the screen on your chosen report.


Filtering your data

To start filtering your data, click the Add button in the Filter box.

Select whether all filters need to be matched or any filters. Then select which field you would like to filter on, the operation and the key word.

For example, you can make it so that the field must begin with the letter S (as below).


Grouping your data

To start grouping your data, click the Add button in the Groupings box.

Grouping allows you to group together report entries in to sections according to shared field entry. Click the arrow next to the fields under the Available groupings section to add them to the Current groupings section. Use the Bin icon to remove fields from the Current groupings section.

You can use the Up and Down arrows to move the position of the fields within the Current groupings section.

Sorting your data

To start sorting your data, click the Add button in the Sortings box.

Sorting allows you to determine the sort order for the data in the report. Click the arrow next to the fields under the Available sortings section to add them to the Current sortings section.

You can use the Bin icon to remove the fields from the Current sortings section.

You can choose whether the sort order is Ascending or Descending by using the button.

You can also use the Up and Down arrows to change the position of the fields within the Current sortings section, if you have more than one sort field selected.

Once you are happy with your customisation, click the Run Report button.

If you would like to save your custom report to the Report views menu, click the Save customisation button at the top of your report and give it a name. This will save your customised filters/groupings and sort order to re-run at any time. 

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