Online Holiday and Absence Management System

TimeOff for Managers

TimeOff is a cloud-based, self service holiday and absence system for managing holiday and absence requests.

Amend a Leave Request (Manager)

To amend a leave request, navigate to the Approvals area in TimeOff. Click the pencil icon next to the request. Note. A manager can amend requests awaiting authorisation or those at expense team level. Once they are batched and marked

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Manager view

As a line manager, you will have a monthly planner overview of all members of your team. The planner is available in the Approvals area of TimeOff. Navigate to this using the side menu. From the top part of the screen,

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Staff Leave Overview

To view a summary of individual employee allowances and leave taken, navigate to Staff time off in the TimeOff area from the menu. Use the filter options to find the team member you want to view. The Member of staff

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Authorising a Request

Navigate to the Manager overview in the Approvals area. Pending requests will show a Manager status and Decision needed with an Approve and Deny button. There will also be a summary of the number of days the employee has left

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Request Status

There are 4 statuses, which are visible at the top of each request: Draft – These are requests created by an employee but not yet submitted to manager Approval – Requests which are awaiting manager authorisation. At this stage, a request can

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