Booking Leave


Online Holiday and Absence Management System

TimeOff for Employees

TimeOff is a cloud-based, self service holiday and absence system for managing holiday and absence requests.

Book Time Off

From the side menu, Navigate to the TimeOff Overview area. To book leave use the Book time off button at the top of the screen. This will show an additional screen where you can enter the details of the request.

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Understanding Sick Leave

If you have had time off for illness, use the Sick leave absence type. If required, use the dropdown to notify your manager if you have a Statement of Fitness for Work form from your GP. A copy of the

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Amend a Leave Request

Leave requests can only be amended before they have been approved by a manager. If the request has already been approved, only a manager or admin user can amend the request. See Amend a Leave Request (Manager) for further help.

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Request Status

There are 4 statuses, which are visible at the top of each request: Draft – These are requests created by an employee but not yet submitted to manager Approval – Requests which are awaiting manager authorisation. At this stage, a request can

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