Ticket events

Ticket events

Create a new event

So that any data requirements are all handled in the same way we recommend setting up events with tasks to be followed by your team.

From the cog icon on the Dashboard select the Ticket events option.Events

Use the Add a new event button to create a new event with tasks.

Use the pencil icon to edit existing events.

Edit events

Enter a description for the event which will be meaningful to others when setting up tickets later on.

If required enter the time required to complete the event and where is should appear in the list of all events.

Each event needs at least 1 task to make it useful.

Use the Add task button the provide a description and help text for the person carrying out the task.

If the task is specific to a department or person, you can pre-assign here as well.

Click Save to store the task and Save to store the event.

This event will now be available to select when creating a new ticket.

Edit tasks

Get support

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