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Point Progress Team Building at Mickley Hall

Team building with firearms.

Yes, it’s a thing.

Courtesy of the Mickley Hall Shooting School.

Naturally, safety was the top priority of the day and after a quick briefing from their experienced staff, we separated into a team of ladies and a team of gentlemen.

As with all their equipment, the firearms were rigorously checked beforehand to ensure safety and reliability for the afternoon’s clay pigeon shooting.

The thought beforehand … a day of clay shooting for the Point Progress team would be a fantastic way of building on existing relationships and, an excellent way of team building with the staff.

From a few calls ahead of the day, it was clear that their shoot had been specifically designed to ensure we would have a great time, whether we have never shot before or, were well versed as keen shooters.

With a combination of 12- and 20- gauge shotguns ready, nothing like a quick tea, coffee & bacon butty to kick off the festivities.

During the initial 25 clays practice, there were winners. There were losers. There were hits. And plenty of misses.

There were some with dominant left eyes.

Say what?

As was explained … “you are left eye dominant, and since you shoot from the right shoulder – you may want to shoot with your left eye closed to counteract this”.

Not all opted for the advice, however, sticking with the ‘both-eyes-open’ approach.

So … we’d now determined our dominant eyes … knew how to mount the gun correctly … were all comfortable in a strong standing position … were proficient in bringing our heads to the shotgun … we were all staying steady and calm while firing at the ‘from the left’, ‘from the right’, ‘one at a time’ and ‘two at a time’ clays.

Now for the 25 Clays Competition.

Follow the clay as it comes out of the trap … keep your eye down the barrel of the gun … be sure to keep the bead at the end of the gun inline … resist the temptation to just follow the clay with your eyes … the barrels must follow your line of sight.


I wasn’t first or last.

A steady mid-table performance before retiring to the on-site café for a buffet and refreshments.

It’s not the winning but the taking part that counts right?

I did however get to share in the winning champagne for the Ladies champion.

Nice touch.

Shooting might sound as if it’s going to be risky, but in fact, it’s one of the safest of all sports.

With the Mickley Hall team, they keep it that way by making safety fundamental to everything they do.

When your team-building experience helps promote strong company culture, everyone wins!

Investing in team building can help you tap into these hidden team bonding gems and grow the strong company culture you desire.

So, get out there, have some fun with your fellow team members and reap the rewards of strong company culture.

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