System Notifications

System Notifications

It is possible to add notification messages on the system which will appear to users.

This message can be shown on the login screen and / or dashboard of the system.

In order to access the system notifications from the administration menu, click on Tools then click on Notifications.

From Notifications click on Add a new message in order to open up the system notification message editor.

There are 6 mandatory fields that will need to be filled in before proceeding to publish the notification.

Title – This is the title of the system notification and this will be displayed on the notification

Message Type – This is type of message available, there are 5 different types of message:

  • Caution
  • Note
  • Important
  • Warning
  • Tip.

Each message type has a different colour and a different icon depending on what type of message this is.

Show on Login – This is whether or not you want the message to show on the login screen

Show on Home Dashboard – This is whether or not you want to show the message on the home dashboard

Active – This is the field to set the message to active or non active. If the message is active, you will be asked to fill in the publish dates.

Once you are happy with the message the Update Preview button will show how the message will look before it is published.

This is how the notification on login screen will look, once this is published on the system.

This message will stay active as long as you would like this to, If you want to deactivate go back to the system notification admin screen and set the active field to No.

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