Sending Emails to Users

Sending Emails to Users

The Email Distribution tool enables you to create and send email messages from the system to your users.

From the Administration menu, navigate to Tools and select Email Distribution.

Enter the subject and message that you want to send out.

You can also add any attachments to the message using the Add a file button.

Select the arrow at the bottom of the screen to continue.

Here you can select the users you want to receive the email, by their access levels. Eg all managers. To send an email to all users, select the Draft access level in Expenses.

Click the arrow to continue.

On the final page, you will see a list of the recipients and their email addresses, who have the access level you have selected. Here you can deselect any users you do not want to receive the email.

When you are happy with the list of recipients, click Send email.

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