Requesting an Advance

Requesting an Advance

Clicking on the Request an Advance link within the Accounts section. Use the first section below to select the account for which the advance is to be requested.

You can either use the search function to look for an existing account, by clicking on the Search link, or leave the settings as they are and a new account will be created based on the currency and account type selected.

Any fields in Yellow are Mandatory and have to be completed.

Account details

The lower section of the screen looks for the Value being requested along with any other information relating to the request and a Date by which the advance is needed.

The currency will change depending on the account or currency (if it is a new account) selected in the first part of the screen.

There is also a Notes and Coding section so that advances can be assigned to specific projects or cost codes. The lowest part of the screen shows the form reference, username and current status of the request.


Upon clicking submit, the request will then be sent to your Manager for authorisation, you will be informed via email of this.

Depending on the workflow setup, the request can either end with the Manager or move onto the Expense Team, once it has been approved by all parties your account will be updated by this value, showing that you have received this money.

Any purchases entered onto a claim then have to be assigned to this advance account to bring the balance of the account back down to 0, showing that all of the money has been accounted for.

Account register

In order for an administrator to approve the advance request first navigate to the administration area and then click on Request forms as shown in the below screenshot.

Once you have clicked on request forms and entered the next screen you, you will be shown the different options for approving items on the system.

Click on Advance request to enter the request advance authorisation screen,

When on this screen, you will be shown all of the different request advance forms that have been requested.

Click on a request advance to enter the screen below.

You can now review the details of the request advance and approve or deny the advance.

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