Keep track of your upcoming actions, such as data reviews, policy updates, etc.

Reminders help ensure that nothing gets forgotten, and will automatically generate Tickets for Action at the right time.

The filter on the left hand side of the screen allows you to customise the list to your current requirements.

Reminders are grouped by department. Use the Add a reminder button to generate a new reminder.

Dashboard -> Reminders

Fields in yellow are compulsory.

Name the reminder and enter a short description for more information.

Select the user group or depart who are responsible for the reminder.

Select an event type, these are set up via an administration screen and can define specific tasks for tickets generated from reminders.

Select the date the reminder is due.

Use the frequency section to determine how often the reminder should regenerate.

Add a new reminder

Use the pencil from the list of reminders to edit an existing reminder.

Some fields open for editing.

Use the Save button to save any changes to the reminder.

Edit an existing reminder

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