Receipt Validation

Receipt Validation

If your organisation is using the Receipt Validation service, Point Progress will do additional checks on receipts attached to each claim line, after you Manager has approved the claim, but before being sent for payment.

Claim line checking

To reduce the risk of your claim being denied, please ensure the following:

  • Use a separate claim line for each receipt you are claiming expenses on
  • Attach a VAT receipt to your claim line (if applicable)
  • Make sure your receipt can be clearly read and shows:
    • Date
    • Description of items purchased
    • Gross value
    • VAT Number (If this is on the reverse of the receipt, please attach of copy of this too)

Receipt validation will then check the following elements of your receipt, to make sure your claim line is correct. If any of these are incorrect, the claim will be returned to you to update and resubmit:

  • Confirm the date of your claim line matches the date on the receipt
  • Confirm the gross value of the claim line matches the receipt value
  • For mileage claims confirm that the date and receipt value fits within the HMRC rules for reclaiming VAT on mileage claims.
  • Where a claim line does not have a receipt, a valid reason has been given by the claimant and the line has been approved by their manager.

We will also do some housekeeping checks on the reclaimable VAT on your claim, to make sure this is correct, including:

  • Checking that the receipt provided is a valid VAT receipt
  • Confirm the VAT rate and value on the receipt matches the values on the claim line.
  • Where a receipt is not provided, we will check that the VAT has been reset to 0% and leave the line as approved.

Denied Claim Lines

If a claim line is denied and returned back to you by Receipt Validation, a reason for the denial will be given in the claim notes, and the claim will appear in your draft claims. Please make any necessary corrections, and resubmit to your manager.

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