Adding / Amending rates for daily allowance categories

Adding / Amending rates for daily allowance categories

From the administration menu in the side bar navigate to Expenses and then click on Categories.

Click the Pencil icon on the Allowance type categories in order to enter the category options.

On the following screen click on the Edit rates option.

The rates are split by organisation, the country they are applicable from and the date they are effective from.

You can edit any rates within this screen by clicking the Pencil icon or you can add new rates by clicking Add new.

Add New Rate (Daily Allowance)

When Add new is clicked you will be taken to the following screen where a new rate can be added.

Organisation – The organisation the rates will be applicable for

Country – The country the rates will be applicable in

Effective from – The date the rates will be effective from

Rate – The rate added here is the rate the system will use

Allowance with Meals

For an allowance with meals category, there is an extra option.

Deduction – This is the deduction % per meal that the system will deduct based on the allowance. Number of meals is also a required option

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