Sage 200

Before you begin installing, Point Progress Connect will need to be installed on the same server as the Sage 200c client application, this could be the same server as the Sage 200c instance.

To begin installing and using Point Progress Connect, you will need to run the PPConnect.exe installer, found in the download zip file.

You will be presented with a welcome screen, and a link to read the licence terms. Clicking on the check box to agree to the terms will enable the install button.

Please note that the installer must be run via an administrator, you will need your IT assistance with this.

Once the installer has been successful, you will be asked if you would like to Launch or Close. Clicking on Launch will immediately run the Point Progress Connect application. For now click close.

Next open Windows Services, find “Point Progress Connect” and in the properties change the Log on as to a user who has access to Sage 200 and can post transactions to the Purchase Ledger.

You can now launch the application from the Windows Start menu
Once you have launched the application you are ready to set up the Point Progress Connect.
To do this click on the settings button in the top right-hand corner.

You will be presented with a Point Progress setting window. Here you will enter the following details.

Once done, click on connect which will check if the credentials you’ve entered are valid. If succesfull, you can then  click on the Sage 200 tab, you will need to enter in the details to connect to your Sage 200 instance.

  • If you have only one Sage 200 instance you can leave the claim type and organisation as All. Otherwise you can change the claim type/organisation to help configure different rules for multiple Sage 200 instances.
  • In the Index field enter the Sage 200 index number. The index number is the order in which your Sage instance are displayed when connecting to Sage 200 via the Sage 200 client. For example if you only have one Sage 200 instance, then the index number is 0

Once you have configured the Point Progress Connect application, when the service is next scheduled to check for pending batches, the application will immediately post the configuration to your MEO instance, and will begin processing any pending batches into your Sage 200 instance.

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