Policy Builder

Policy Builder

The policy builder helps you define what data is being held around the company, and how it needs to be handled.

This section of the system contains a list of published and draft policies and a filter to help you customise your view depending on policy status and key words in the policy title.

To create a new policy click on the Add a new policy button.

Dashoard -> Policy builder

Any fields in yellow are mandatory.

Enter the policy name and a short description.

Use the group drop down to either assign the policy to specific individuals, or a specific user group.

To go on to create the policy use the Save button.

New policy

Your policy title can now be seen at the top of the screen along with some system information relating to the policy.

There are then 2 options for adding sections of policy.

The Add a new section button opens a blank editor into which you can type or copy and paste text. On completion save the text block.

The other option is to Add from a template. This opens a screen which allows you to select from pre defined policy text blocks which you can edit as required.

The filter section on the left allows you to select a policy group. Use the refresh button to list any policy block relating to this group.

Click on the plus button to add the policy block into the template.

If the policy contains more than 1 block use the plus on each section to add as many as you need into the template.

Policy block

Once the blocks have been added use the pencil to open up the block and edit as required.

Any fields with {} around them can be treated as tags. These tags are defined in an admin screen and will be replaced with the text saved against the tag.

This could include the company name, address, DPO name etc.

When the edit are complete use the tick to save the changes.

If the block is no longer required in the policy use the bin icon to delete. This will but the block back into the template block selector for use another time.

Policy sections

It is possible to add additional sections of policy text to a policy template using the buttons on screen.

You can also create a reminder for a data event at the same time so that the requirements of the policy will be met.

Policy section edit

Use the preview button to view the policy as others would see it. If needed editing can be done within the blocks before publishing.

Policy preview

Policy publishing involves selecting the departments or individuals who should view this policy.

Use the arrows to select groups to be published to.

Enter a date from when the policy should be available.

Use the publish button to finalise the process, or the cancel button to exit the screen.

Publish policy

Users will then see the policy on their Dashboard.

They can click on the policy to view in full and mark they have read the policy.

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