Fuel & Mileage (Personal Mileage Setup)

Fuel & Mileage (Personal Mileage Setup)

In order to use Fuel & Mileage for personal mileage, this must be enabled on your site.

When it is active, the following steps will guide you through the setup.

  1. Create a mileage policy in the administration settings.
  2. Update the mileage rates for the policy that has been created.
  3. Add the correct access levels to each user profile to allow personal mileage claims.
    You will need to add the Fuel and mileage access.
  4. Assign the mileage policy to each user.

Users can have more than one policy or category assigned to their user profile.

Categories that will be used for fuel and mileage should not have receipts set to mandatory, as the mileage rates will be used instead.

Once MyExpenses is setup, claimants can use the guidance below to calculate personal mileage.

Fuel and Mileage

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