New user requirements – adding vehicles and bank details

New user requirements – adding vehicles and bank details

When logging in for the first time, add your vehicle and bank details if required.

If the claimant has access to a mileage category they will be required to enter their vehicle on the system. There is a link from the home screen to do this, please follow the instructions. On saving the vehicle it will become available to use.

Adding your vehicle with DVLA checks

If we provide a BACS file for your business claimants will also be required to enter their bank details, due to the encryption required we cannot load them into the database they have to be entered through the system so we recommend claimants enter their own. This can be done by going into the My user profile section and using Amend my bank details.

Entering your bank details

The user profile section also allows you to edit your email address, home postcode and setup a single daily email of the current status of your claims and claims for your claimants, rather than receiving an email when each claim is submitted.

Check the entered information matches your design record.

Creating a claim to check expense categories and mileage rates

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Vehicle Category

Vehicle categories denote the fuel type and engine size of the vehicle and are used to find the correct mileage

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