Expense management case study

Bibendum PLB, expense solution case study

  • The Bibendum PLB Group specialise in selling wine, spirits and bears to the UK trade and consumer, and handles many expense claims from staff each month.

Expense management case study

AP Manager, Chris, has worked in various roles in Finance and come across many different ways of managing expenses, particularly in-house solutions, which often come with a high price tag.

Being new to the role at Bibendum, and new to MyExpenses, Chris commented that MyExpenses is simple and easy to use even for the complete novice. He has worked closely the team at Civica and found the support to be excellent.

Chris highlighted some of his favourite features;

– Receipt Stash, which allows users to capture receipts, and then submit at a time suitable to them.

– The ability to reconcile credit cards is very useful, with the workflow being brilliant.

– Ability to turn on/off notifications is very intuitive, and he hasn’t seen another system which offers this feature.

– Ability to mould the software to their needs – customisable categories to suit their business needs

In summary, we asked Chris for any comments to anyone considering a similar purchase.

“Richard, at MyExpenses, sums up the problems of expenses very well on the website. Expenses are a problem for everyone everywhere. The business model of MyExpenses, which is designed to ease the problems with the expenses is brilliant. MyExpenses has been designed in such a way that it can be used with any business, regardless of industry.”