Getting Started As a Manager

MyExpenses for Managers

Authorising a claim

There are other levels or authorisation, but this page looks at Manager level. Draft claims from your team will be assigned to you as their manager for authorisation. To start this process, navigate to the Authorise area from the side

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Claim Authorisation and Workflow Rules

From claimant to manager When submitting a claim, check that the manager shown on the Submit screen is the correct line manager for you. If you have specific authorisation limits for managers and the claim value is above the immediate

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Receipt Validation

If your organisation is using the Receipt Validation service, there will be another level of workflow, where Point Progress will do additional checks on receipts attached to each claim line. Workflow process Once a claim has been approved by the

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Daily digest email reminders

Reminder emails can be sent daily to all users on the system. Claimants with normal access to the system will receive reminders regarding ; Expense claim progress Credit card statements assigned Request progress (Cash advances, new categories etc) Timesheet status

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Assigning a Delegate

Assigning a delegate on your behalf can be useful if you would like another user to be able to authorise claims on your behalf (for example if you are taking annual leave). To assign a delegate, click on your user

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