Getting Started As a Claimant

MyExpenses for Claimants

Opening business mileage

Setting up current business mileage If you have the Opening Business mileage category assigned to you, you need to set your YTD mileage before making expense claims. The rate paid for mileage will be calculated from this value going forward

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Save a journey as a favourite a favourite to my expense claim A favourite needs to exist before it can be used within an expense claim. A favourite can be added by the company or yourself. Personal favourites are added through the claim mileage entry

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Mileage claim – Adding Passengers

Adding Passengers Create and expense claim within the Mileage category. Any additional miles need to be added before entering a passenger onto the claim. Click on the Add button as below to add any additional passengers. The names of the additional people

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Fuel and Mileage

The fuel and mileage section of the system will help you calculate personal mileage. Claimants enter mileage lines and upload fuel receipts in the usual way, then at the required time can use the Fuel and Mileage option from the

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Claim Category – Mileage claim

Postcode entry mileage On selecting the mileage category that is relevant to your expense. Mileage will be calculated by a rate that is pre-defined in the system. This can be based on whether the car is private, company owned, petrol,

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