Files & Receipts

Getting Started As a Claimant

MyExpenses for Claimants

Sending receipts using email

Users can find their unique MyExpenses receipt email address by going into Files and receipts from the dashboard. Sending an email to the unique MyExpenses receipt email address will send any receipts attachments into your Files & Receipts. Before you

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OCR receipt reading

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) will read the details from a receipt once it has been activated. To get started upload a receipt. To use OCR, click the OCR button on the receipt thumbnail image. You will see the Edit receipt details screen. When you

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Adding Receipts Receipts can be added to the Files & Receipt screen and these receipts will be ready to add to a claim anytime they are needed. To upload a receipt navigate to Receipts on the dashboard and click Available files and receipts. On

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