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MyExpenses for Claimants

Our most frequently asked questions, answered here. 

How do I find my company site?

Welcome Email If your account has been created for you by you expenses team, you should have received an email from us containing your unique company URL. URL Format As a Point Progress client, you will have your own site

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I have forgotten my password

Forgotten password How do I reset my password? See Changing your password for help resetting your password. Why have I not received my reset password email? Incorrect username has been used to request password reset The email has gone to

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My profile has not been approved

If you have used self registration to create a user profile, and see this warning when you login, your profile is awaiting approval by an administrator. Please speak to your expenses/payroll department, who can action this.

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My authorising manager is incorrect

Authorising manager changes can only be made by a system administrator. If your authorising/line manager is incorrect and you need to get this updated, only your expenses / payroll department can action requests of this nature. As we are an

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