Expense Claiming

Getting Started As a Claimant

MyExpenses for Claimants

Receipt Validation

If your organisation is using the Receipt Validation service, Point Progress will do additional checks on receipts attached to each claim line, after you Manager has approved the claim, but before being sent for payment. Claim line checking To reduce

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Creating a New Claim

From the Dashboard, click on Create a new claim On the next screen complete the Purpose of claim and then click Add a claim line. You can view/add receipts available to add to claim, or a new receipt can be uploaded whilst

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Claim Authorisation and Workflow Rules

From claimant to manager When submitting a claim, check that the manager shown on the Submit screen is the correct line manager for you. If you have specific authorisation limits for managers and the claim value is above the immediate

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Restore Deleted Expense Claims

In order to restore claims that have been accidentally deleted navigate to the My Claims page. This is accessible from the side menu under Expenses. Once in the My Claims page, click the filter button.   Click on the Deleted button in

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Recalling Expense Claims

In order to recall an expense claim you have submitted to your manager you can access the claim by clicking Authorisation from the dashboard as shown below. This can also be accessed from My Claims in the menu bar. You will be

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Deleting Claim Lines

In the Pages section of the claim you can see the number of saved claim lines by the number in brackets next to Claim Lines. To delete an expense claim line select the bin icon in the yellow bar on the

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Editing Returned Claim Lines

When a claim line has been denied by a manager it is returned to the claimant, at draft level. Use the Pencil icon to open and edit the claim line. Or the Bin icon deletes the claim line. When you

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Changing Claim Country and Currency

When entering a claim line, check that the country of purchase is correct, from the information on your receipt. Use the drop down option, or the search feature to find the correct country. When you change the country of purchase,

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