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Getting Started As a Claimant

MyExpenses for Claimants

Requesting a new category

In order to update or request a new category on your account, you must request this change from your expenses / payroll department. Requesting a new category from the user profile screen New categories can be requested from your user

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Claim Category – Trips

The trip category can be used to claim against any business trips you may have taken. Entering in a start and end date / time into the screen below will work out the trips rate in which you are entitled

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Claim Category – Split category

Start by creating a new claim, if you do not know how to do this click here. Select your category from the list available. For hotels you need to select the date you checked in and either how many nights you

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Claim Category – Mileage claim

Postcode entry mileage On selecting the mileage category that is relevant to your expense. Mileage will be calculated by a rate that is pre-defined in the system. This can be based on whether the car is private, company owned, petrol,

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Claim Category – Hourly Rate

By selecting a category type for hourly rates from claim entry the screen below will be displayed. Select the date the hours were worked and enter the number of hours. The hourly rate will be displayed below, use the Calculate

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Claim Category – Entertainment claim

Expense categories dealing with entertaining, of either staff or customers, require the names of all people present to be added to the category details. This way the correct VAT can be reclaimed and the correct details are stored for HMRC.

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Claim Category – Daily allowance

Select the expense category for your Daily allowance. You will see the daily rate for this category and the country will default to your home country. Use the country dropdown to change to the country for which you are claiming

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Claim Category – Car Hire

Car hire can be claimed for on a seperate category called Car Hire. A Hire start date and a Hire end date will need to be entered, these are the dates that the hire vehicle was taken out for. An amount of the total

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