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Getting Started As an Administrator

MyExpenses for Administrators

Add a new claim category

From the Administration menu, select Expenses, then Categories to either Edit, Remove or Add a claim category. Category List Use the Description to search for an existing category. Deleted categories can be viewed/hidden by selected the Deleted option. To Edit an existing category click on the Pencil icon on

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Vehicle Category

Vehicle categories denote the fuel type and engine size of the vehicle and are used to find the correct mileage rate to re-imburse the claimant. There are already categories set up on the system for Petrol, Diesel and LPG cars,

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Split category (Admin)

To create a split category click Administration in the sidebar, then click Expenses and Categories in the Expenses menu. Click the blue Add new button to add a new category. As the category type select Standard purchase (split category) Once selected, the Split category options will appear which includes the two

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Category group admin screen

Located in expenses settings is the category admin grouping screen, this is where you can rename the labels and arrange the order of the category grouping on the claim entry screen. To access the category group screen, click on expenses

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