Expense Management tools

What is the MyExpenses administration service?

The MyExpenses administration service has been designed to allow you to concentrate on your core business, while we act on your behalf as an administrator of the MyExpenses system.

This administration service will include, but is not limited to:

Management of user profiles
– Creation of new users on the system
– Deletion of user profiles
– Updating user information
– Assigning access & authorisation levels to users

Coding management
– Creation or deletion of, and edit, assignment, reassignment of all levels of coding

Expense system management
– Creation/management and deletion of expense categories
– Management of expense settings
– Changing of rates


To ensure that we only action genuine requests, we will ensure that any requests are approved by the relevant people in your team unless of course, those requests have come from those same authorised staff.

These procedures will be confirmed before the commencement of the administration service.

If you want to know about about the MyExpenses administration service, please let us know (hello@pointprogress.com)