Files & Receipts

Files & Receipts

When you first log into the MEO-Business app you will be greeted with a screen similar to the below screenshot.

To begin adding receipts click on the camera button on the bottom left to take a snapshot of your receipt if you already have it on hand.

Alternatively you can click on the gallery button on the bottom right to upload a receipt photo directly from your phone’s gallery.

Once you have taken a photo of your receipt using the app, or uploaded a receipt from your gallery, you will be presented with a screen which shows you a preview of the receipt and a number of fields which you can fill in.

Here you can enter the amount, receipt date, currency, country, vat amount, vat type and the account(if you have multiple accounts).

Once you have filled in the fields, you can then tap on the tick found in the top right hand corner of the screen.

The receipt date, amount and vat amount can also be automatically entered by tapping the Read with OCR button. You can learn how to use the OCR feature here.

Once you have saved the receipt information, you should see your saved receipts in the Files & Receipts area.

The tick icon on the right means that receipt has successfully been synced with the cloud. You should then be able to see the receipt in your Files & Receipts storage on the MyExpenses website.

Tapping on any of the receipt cards will take you back to a screen showing you a preview of the receipt and the information you have entered, which can be modified.

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