Mileage Calculations

Mileage Calculations

There are many different mileage calculation methods available on MyExpenses

Below is a list of these with explanations on how the mileage is calculated.

Standard (No Deduction) – This is standard mileage and means that any mileage is fully reclaimable. All postcodes used will be added together and the total mileage will be calculated.

Deduct home to work – This mileage calculation method means that for the home and work location postcodes stored on the user profile a total number of miles between the 2 will be calculated and deducted from the total number of miles for the day’s journey. Postcodes will be required for any other stops during the day.

Direct mileage – This category allows the claimant to enter the number of miles traveled and will reimburse based on a ppm rate defined by the mileage policy and engine size with no deductions.

Home and work required – Both the home and work postcodes are required for this mileage type, but will not be deducted.

Home and work required – at least 3 points – Home and work are automatically added to the start of the journey when selecting the category. A mileage cap can be applied when home and base are added to the journey (this is set on the expense category screen). If there are home and work locations at the start of the journey and work to home at the end of the journey the cap will be split over each section. For example, if the cap is 20 miles, the home to work at the start of the journey would have 10 miles and the work to home at the end would have a 10 mile cap as well.

At least 3 points (starting from home) – For the category type the journey must start at home or work and there must be at least 2 other locations in the journey.

Shortest distance between 2 points – The category requires 3 or more locations in the journey. Whether the starting postcode is home or work the system will calculate from home to the first location and work to the first location. The shortest of these calculations will be used. For example, home to location A is 15 miles and work to location A is 10 miles, so work to location A will be used.

Course mileage – There are no specific requirements to the mileage type, the ppm offered is a fixed rate.

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