Create a new mileage postcode entry claim

Create a new mileage postcode entry claim

Assuming you have already followed the Manually create a new claim guide you will be presented with a screen similar to the below screenshot with a receipt preview box, currently this is set to No receipt selected.

You can change this by tapping on No receipt if you have no receipts, or add if you do have receipts for this claim.

Tapping on Add will send you to the Available receipts page, where you can select an existing receipt you have uploaded, or you can use the camera or gallery buttons to capture or upload a new receipt. Selecting a receipt using this option will return you to the screen.

Tapping on No receipt will give you a few drop down options to select a reason for why there is no receipt.

When selecting a mileage category with postcode entry, you will be presented with a journey field, you may see the vehicle field if you have more than one available vehicle. Simply tap on the plus icon next to the journey field to begin adding postcodes to your claim line.

To begin adding postcodes to your journey list you can either enter in the postcodes manually using the “Enter postcode” field and then tapping plus. Or if you have home/work or favourite journeys available on your account, you can tap on the relevent buttons at the bottom of the list which will automatically add in the relevant postcodes for you.

Once completed, you can tap on the save button to be taken back to your claim line screen.

Once you are happy with the information you have entered you can then tap save.

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