Richard Coope

A View From Inside Point Progress

Getting through a difficult time together

As a nation and a global community, we are all going through a difficult time, a time where the future certainly seems less certain than it did two weeks ago.

As a business, my first priority is to my staff, ensuring that we do everything we can to ensure that we are ready to return to normal as soon as we can, and as an intact team. We are all clearly going through a period of adjusting to the new “normal”, and the way the team has responded to this is impressing me enormously.

From the beginning of last week our business continuity plans have kicked into action. We have tried to keep the communications as normal as possible, and in fact our IP phones, Office365 and Teams has meant that the move home has been very smooth, and everyone is working successfully.

To help with these changes, I have slightly reduced our support hours to between 9am and 5pm; a minimal change of 30 minutes at each end of the day, however I expect that we will see no reduction in our usual, excellent levels of service.

To our customers, we are here to help with your own re-adjustments, as it turns out that our mix of products is helping businesses up and down the country continue and manage their teams effectively. We are here to help and would love to hear from you.

I sincerely expect that we, as a country, will pull together and get through this. What we must do is to ensure that we are all ready to spring back into action as soon as trading conditions are restored, as that is the only way that the economy can recover with any sort of speed. In the meantime, we must do what we can to help each other.

With very best wishes always – and take good care.