Please note that currently the MEO-Business app does not support SAML and LDAP Single Sign On login.

To log into the MEO-Business app, you will first need an existing Point Progress account. If you do not have an account setup, you can contact your finance or payroll team, who will be happy to help set one up for you.

Using the screenshot below:

  • Site name – This is usually the company name, however you can also get this by taking the first word in your company’s unique URL before the first full stop.
  • URL – Select the end part of your company URL (this will be either .myexpensesonline.co.uk or .meo-business.cloud.
  • Email or username – If you log into the Point Progress site using your email address then you will need to use that here too. However, if you use your username to login, then you will need to use that. You cannot mix and match.
  • Password – Finally enter in your password. Please note you cannot reset your password or log in using an expired password using MEO-Business.


If you are experiencing login issues or your password has expired, you can reset your password by accessing the site via the mobile web browser.

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