Importing credit card statements and matching to claimants

Importing credit card statements and matching to claimants

From the Welcome/Dashboard screen, within the Account section, you will see a link called Card import & match.

This will take you to the Card Import & Match Overview screen.

Importing a Statement

Click the Import button in order to start the credit card statement upload process.

The file can be uploaded by navigating for the file on the computer and then clicking Select once the correct file is selected.

The next screen asks you to review the file being imported. This is where a description and the file type can be entered. The file (interface) type needs to match your file for a successful upload.

Use the Import button to complete the import.

Matching Against Claimants

Once the file has successfully uploaded it is now time to match the accounts to the credit card entries on the statement.

In order to successfully match accounts for the very first time, a credit card account will need to be created for each user.

Create a new account

In the Add New Account screen, follow the guidance below to setup a Credit Card.

The required information in the above screen will need to be filled out.

Account name – This is the name you want to give the account, so for example credit card

Description – A description of the account can be written here but this is not a mandatory piece of information.

Balance on Payment – This option will determine whether the account will have balancing account entries made to its register once claims against it get processed as paid.

Account Type – This option determines the account type of the card, whether this be expenses or debit/credit card, advance accounts etc. For a credit card, select Card.

Account to be used by – Select who to assign the account to.

Currency – This option will be able to set the currency of the account you are creating.

The coding sections are important when it comes matching the credit card accounts. The first time the account is created the Reference field and all other fields within the coding section should be left blank, this is to ensure the system matches the accounts correctly.

Once the account is matched going forward it will automatically match, unless the claimant gets a new company card, then the reference field will need to be made blank again.

Any account with a reference already attached will not be able to be matched to a new card within the card integration overview section.

Notifying Claimants

Once accounts have been matched, the claimant will receive an email to say that they have a statement to reconcile in their account. When the claimant logs in they will be presented with items to reconcile and can then go ahead and reconcile.

Use the Notify Claimants button to do this.

Reconciling a card statement offers a guide for claimants to follow once their statement has been uploaded.

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