Importing a business card statement for testing

Importing a business card statement for testing

Credit Card Upload

As an administration user make sure you have access to Card integration overview from your home screen, this contains all of the options needed to import and match an electronic statement.

For more information, see Importing credit card statements.

As part of the testing phase:

  • Check card accounts are in place for all Claimants with a business card through the create / edit accounts section on the home screen.
  • Use the Import button from the card integration overview screen to select the format and statement to upload.
  • Use the Match button if this is the first imported statement to link the card accounts in MyExpenses to the card numbers on the statement lines in the file.
  • Each claimant will then be assigned the statement lines which match their card number.
  • Use delegation to switch between users to check each claimant has the correct number of lines from the statement.

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