Expense Management Solution

Hana Group implement MyExpenses expense management solution | case study

The Hana Group specialise in the retail & food sector, and wholesale distribution, with a portfolio of 14 brands, including Sushi Gourmet, Genji, Wok Street and more.

The group has rapidly expanded from 35 retail outlets in 2012 to over 1000 in 2019.

Although the Hana Group have recently implemented MyExpenses, they had tried other expenses management solutions in the past but felt that there was functionality missing which was creating problems.

With over 100 active users, their main concerns were no customisable workflow, multi-level authorisation rules or split claim approval, limited reporting capability, no internal communication on the system and no in-built category rules, to name a few.

Unfortunately, the Hana Group were not able to reap the benefits from their solution that they needed, so made the decision to switch to MyExpenses.

The initial roll out was complete within a couple of weeks, and straight away the Hana Group started to notice the difference in their expense claiming process.

“The process became more smooth. With Less errors and less communication traffic, the employees spent less time during the claim process. Admin time spent processing the expenses also improved. Our old system had no way to only deny the expenses with issues (errors or out of policy) keeping the correct ones. Previously, it would need an average 16 hours to process a fortnight period of expenses. With MyExpenses it takes an average of 6 hours.”

The key benefits that the Hana Group found from using MyExpenses are:

  • Simple process to create/submit/approve expenses
  • Rules to minimise errors/out of policy claims
  • Great system of communication with automatic emails and email distribution.

Civica are delighted to be able to provide the Hana Group with the expense management solution they need to improve their processing time, and are very proud (but not surprised), at their comments about our staff.

“All my contact with Civica staff was ultra-positive. From the sales team to support, everyone maintains a high level of understanding about their product and are easy to find solutions for our needs.”

For any business who are experiencing long processing times for staff expenses, why not find out what MyExpenses has to offer.

A final comment from Hana Group to anyone considering a similar purchase;

MyExpenses is a cost-efficient expenses software. It reduces your admin and users time to process expenses massively.”