Switch to Online Time & Attendance System

Great reasons to switch to MyTime time & attendance system

Introducing our powerful online time & attendance system; a valuable tool to record work activities without the tedium of paper timesheets. Read on to find out more about MyTime.

If your business is one of the many who rely on paper timesheets, or some form of activity tracking for employees, then this could be the solution for you.

Time tracking is a tried and tested way of effectively managing working hours. When done regularly and accurately, this can help boost productivity and improve employee engagement and performance.

As part of our ever-evolving range of software solutions, we are delighted to now also offer our online time and attendance module, MyTime.

MyTime has many features to offer, including:

Mobile time and attendance / timesheets

Simply enter a start and end time OR easily clock-in and clock-out via our app.

Accurate activity, cost and project reporting

Quickly record the number of hours spent on a particular task or project.

Flexible approval for any structure

Timesheets guaranteed to be routed to the correct manager every time.

Truly integrated mileage and allowances

Submit a mileage or daily allowance claim directly in timesheets, unlocking a coherent time management and expenses system.

Finance integration

Save time and remove errors with easy timesheet and payment transfer of information

The ideal time and attendance system for employees working from home

With more people working from home, our MyTime solution has been helping provide companies with a clear insight into their employee’s activities. Here are some of the great reasons to switch to MyTime:

  • Save time and improve productivity by reducing the time spent on recording activities
  • Automatic calculation of overtime, meaning reduced chance of error and further time savings
  • Incorporate your own rules based on flexible coding, staff, time activities and more
  • If combined with our employee expenses and holiday booking and absence management you have an unbeatable solution

You can find out more about the MyTime module here.