Generating a finance or BACS interface file for testing

Generating a finance or BACS interface file for testing

Finance Batch

Enter as many test claims as you feel you need, make sure as many as possible have been processed to the Expense Team so they are available for selection for payment batches.

If you have a BACS file, make sure that the claimants involved in the test have entered their bank details (or dummy ones) otherwise the BACS batch will not produce any results.

To generate a batch select the arrow on the Make Payments panel

  • Select the relevant account type (usually Expenses)
  • Select the relevant claim type (only required if you have multiple claim types)
  • Save the batch
  • Use Add claim lines to build you the batch. MyExpenses will only show claim lines at Expense Team which match the batch selection criteria
  • Click Submit
  • Download the file formats available
  • Check the file links generate a file which will upload into your finance / HR / BACS system
  • Mark the batch as paid

For more information, see Create a finance interface (make payments).

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