Fuel and Mileage

Fuel and Mileage

The fuel and mileage section of the system will help you calculate personal mileage.

Claimants enter mileage lines and upload fuel receipts in the usual way, then at the required time can use the Fuel and Mileage option from the side menu to record business travel details for that vehicle and mileage category.

For help entering mileage claims, please see our Mileage Claim help page.

Recording Fuel and Mileage

Navigate to the Fuel and mileage option in the Menu.

This screen shows previous fuel and mileage entries including the claims they are linked to.

At the end of the week or month, create a new form, using the Record fuel and mileage button.

Fill in all of the required fields, including your vehicle’s end odometer reading and the date of the recording.

If you have more than 1 vehicle or mileage category you will be asked to select the details this relates to.

If you only have 1 vehicle and mileage category they will default automatically.

From the lower part of the screen select the business mileage claim lines which relate to this period and the fuel receipts.

Click Save.

Personal Mileage

On the next screen, if there are more mileage lines to add, click on Save as draft or Click on Create a personal mileage claim.

The system will then either:

  • Calculate how much was spent on personal journeys by the claimant and produce a personal mileage claim line to be set against their other expenses
  • Or, depending on your company policy, will calculate the personal repayment based on the vehicle category at a fixed ppm.

The linked claim will then be displayed on the mileage form as a link to click through to the claim.

The personal line will be displayed as a standard claim line against the expense account with a negative value to be deducted from the claim.

Submit your claim lines as normal.

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