Finance/Allowance Review Level

Finance/Allowance Review Level

A Finance Review level (or Allowance Review level) is an additional workflow which is setup on MyExpenses sites between the manager approval and expense team (payment level).

Please note this is only available if enabled on your site.

The finance review level allows team level access for any additional checks which need to be made on claims before they are paid.

Although anyone with the access level can view claims at the Finance Review level, there is the option to assign claims to specific users to review. Users will be able to see both unassigned claims and claims which have been assigned to them to review. Claims assigned to other team members will not be visible.

There is also the ability to add query flags to the claim.

Assigned/Unassigned Claims

A claim which has been assigned to a user to review will be marked in blue. On the right, under the value, you can see this claim has been assigned to the user “Manager”.

Unassigned claims will show in grey, as below.

The sort button gives a dropdown to allow sorting on all of the fields on display. You can also group the claims in different ways.

Assigning Users

To start assigning users, you will need to ensure this functionality is enabled.

To do this, go to Administration – Workflow – Workflow levels. Click on the pencil next to your Finance Review level (this may have a different name depending on your site setup) and make sure the dropdown at Allow assign to user at this level is set to Yes.

To assign a user to a claim, click on the pencil next to the claim to open it.

Click on the arrow-head under the claim value in the grey header box, to expand the header.

The expanded header will show if the claim is assigned.

Use the pencil to edit the Assigned to user. Options are “no one”, “myself” or “someone else” with that access level on their profile.

Query Flags

Opening a claim at Finance Review level, you will see the top section is for the query flag and reason. On clicking save the reason will be displayed on the list view.

The query flag will show alongside the claim in the list view at the Finance Review level. The claim below has a query flag (red) and note (Test) section.

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