Staff Expense Management Solution

Expense management system ready to use for Bargain Booze

We are firm believers in simplifying processes (particularly expense management) with software tools. Constantly looking for ways to save our customers precious time.

A fully functioning expense management system has the potential to save an abundance of time in the long term, but often a hurdle in implementing a system like this will be the prospect of going through the initial setup. As a result, businesses become trapped in a cycle, which occupies hours each week processing expenses manually.

While there is an initial amount of setup required to get your system ready, this is well worth the investment with the long-term time savings.

Simple expense management system setup for Bargain Booze

A familiar brand to many, Bargain Booze, is a chain of off licence shops and part of the Bestway Group.

Alongside our dedicated Projects team, Bestway implemented MYEXPENSES in January 2021. This involved an interface setup and the rolling out to employees across Bargain Booze. Software changes can be notoriously difficult to implement and roll out, but this is not the case with MyExpenses, as Bestway’s Financial Controller discovered:

“The setup project was as simple as we hoped and much easier than previous solutions we have tried. After returning our data, the system was ready to use”

Dave, Senior Financial Controller

Staff expenses customer success guarantee

Requirements for expense management software will vary from customer to customer, as reflected in the project timeframe; however, our dedicated customer success team are always on hand to ensure the momentum is maintained. They work closely with your IT and finance teams to set up your expense management solution exactly to your requirements:

“Good communication between the customer success team and our clients is key to completing projects like these. Bargain Booze was one of my first implementation projects at MYEXPENSES and I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with Dave.”

Aga, customer success consultant

With any new software, there is a potential for employees to resist the changes it brings. Staff are often concerned about the time it will take to learn a new process, or they do not see the need to makes changes to progress.

For this reason, our Customer Success team are always on hand, answering any questions that may arise as you roll out to your staff.

Your calls are answered promptly by our award-winning UK Customer Success Team.

Unlike a lot of service providers out there, we will never leave you hanging on the end of the phone listening to Greensleeves for half an hour before you get to speak to someone!

Furthermore, MYEXPENSES provide access to numerous help videos and advice on the best way to get your employees on board. As a result, each organisation has every opportunity to maximise the benefits of the system. We provide the recommended steps to rolling out software as part of our guide to releasing new software.

Just in case, we also have the option to provide training to end-users.

Bargain Boozes’ favourite expenses software feature

After speaking to Dave, we had to make a quick mention of the notable expenses feature he appreciated the most.

Following successful implementation, Bargain Booze staff particularly benefited from the mobile app which supports on-the-road employees:

“Our area managers are on the road all of the time, and we find the GPS feature works really well for us, saving them time and ensuring accuracy in claims”

Staff can simply submit their claims as they go, by using GPS to accurately track mileage. This feature also benefits the business, providing the reassurance that the risk of overinflated/fraudulent mileage claims is significantly reduced.

Contact us to find out how MYEXPENSES can support your ‘on-the-road’ employees.