Editing Returned Claim Lines

Editing Returned Claim Lines

When a claim line has been denied by a manager it is returned to the claimant, at draft level.

Use the Pencil icon to open and edit the claim line.

Or the Bin icon deletes the claim line.

When you click on the denied claim, you will be shown the claim overview screen. Select Claim Lines from the Pages menu.

Here you will see the denied claim, and the Manager’s reason for denying.

You can edit the claim by clicking on the pencil icon in the yellow bar of the claim line.

See Creating a New Claim for help with claim fields.

If needed you can add extra notes to the claim line and re-submit to the manager, if that is all that is required.

Changes to the coding and text fields can also be made in the usual way, use the Save button to store any changes.

Once you have made necessary adjustments, simply resubmit the claim, using the Submit button.

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