Does MyExpenses have any additional modules or functionality?

Does MyExpenses have any additional modules or functionality?


In use by both private sector and public sector organisations, MyExpenses is our web-based expense system that ensures that all claims are right first time, every time.

Credit Cards

Our software integrates with major credit and debit card providers, making it easy to import statements for reconciliation.

Accounts, Advances & Petty Cash

Expenses can be claimed on a number of different accounts, from a standard expense account, cash advance advances, petty cash and credit cards. The Accounts module allows you to view your balance and transfer balances between accounts as you need to.

Cash Advances

Cash advances can be raised in any currency, with accurate and fast conversion between currencies. Using the Accounts and Expenses modules, users can claim against their cash allowance.

Petty Cash

Petty cash accounts can be shared amongst a number of users, allowing accurate tracking of petty cash transactions.

Advanced Workflow

Our Advanced Workflow has been designed to help restrict and control how claims travel to authorisation through a number of definable distribution rules and fields.

It enables organisations to create and customise the rules they require for the expense claims when it is necessary for them to have multiple authorisers before payment.

The main advantage is claims are not left waiting for an authoriser to sign before continues its journey to the next manager.

Advanced Workflow takes complicated levels of authorisation and creates simple actions for them to follow.

Example rules may be:

  • If a claim is under £5000 then it will meet the condition to be sent to their manager to authorise and continue its journey to payment.
  • If a claim is equal to or over £5000 it can be sent to more than one manager at the same time to authorise within one or two different cost centres.
  • If a claim is under £10,000 then the claim can be sent to multiple authorisers including the Financial Director or CEO.


The Self-Registration feature that allows staff to login and create a basic profile and populate the simple details like name, address, vehicle etc.

Self-Registration saves time during the initial implementation of our software and when new members of staff join the company.

Once the basic profile is complete, it will be simply sent to the authoriser and any other necessary details added by administration.


The DataXtract tool enables the download all of expense claim information into an easy to manage ZIP files.

It is an easy to use tool that can be used during an audit or HMRC investigation, removing the need to provide an external representative access to your entire expenses system.


CarbonCalc provides you with an instant report of the CO2 emissions produced by an individual, business team and organisation as a whole. Reporting is straightforward and can be based on a particular vehicle or mileage amount.

Duty of Care

We help you meet your employer responsibilities by making it easy to store, verify and automate the renewal of staff documents.


ReportManager is our advanced reporting tool that works with Excel to access and input data to and from MyExpensesOnline. In particular makes adding new data very simple.

It enables you to easily retrieve your data directly from the system into a spreadsheet. Data can then be converted into an editable format allowing you to review and adapt for various business reporting.

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Vehicle Category

Vehicle categories denote the fuel type and engine size of the vehicle and are used to find the correct mileage

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