Data Asset Details

Data Asset Details

Add a new Data Asset

When setting up data assets please consider all areas of the business in which personal data is stored.

For example:

  • HR
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Distribution

When creating a new data asset you will be lead through a series of categories which could apply to the data and will ultimately allow you to store your lawful reason for holding this data in line with Article 30 of the GDPR directive.

Having clicked on Add a new Data Asset and entered the header descriptive details of the asset as described previously you will then be taken to a screen of fields with differing options.

Some fields are free text and some have a pre-determined list of options, some of which relate to specific phrases used by the ICO and others relate to defined areas of the business.

As the screen shot below demonstrates each field will appear in a popup on screen allowing you to either type in or use the arrow to list options.

Data asset field.

Click on the plus icon to add that option to the field, multiple selections can be made.

On completion use the cross to exit that screen.

data asset popup

If an incorrect entry has been added, or the information required has changed use the bin icon to remove the item from the list.

For more information on each of the fields displayed in the Detail section click here Data Asset Requirements. Once all of the fields relevant to your business have been filled in use the arrow next to Data Asset to exit the screen. No additional save is required as all of the information is saved as you add to each field.

Data asset detail

Use the pencil icon next to the Data Asset title on the left hand side of the screen to edit the assigned group and descriptive details of the asset.

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