Daily digest email reminders

Daily digest email reminders


Reminder emails can be sent daily to all users on the system.

Claimants with normal access to the system will receive reminders regarding ;

  • Expense claim progress
  • Credit card statements assigned
  • Request progress (Cash advances, new categories etc)
  • Timesheet status
  • Outstanding IComply tickets

Users with manager access will receive all of the above and the following

  • Expense claims assigned for approval
  • Forms assigned (Cash advances etc)

Admin users on the system will receive all of the above and the following

  • Claims awaiting/stuck on the system.

Enabling daily digest emails

Daily digest emails must be enabled by each user within their user profile, this will enable them to receive the daily email reminders.

To switch this on navigate to your user profile.

User profile

Once in your user profile, the switch below must be set to On.

User profile

Amending daily digest email settings (Admin users only)

For admin users you can navigate to administration on the side bar and then finding General and then clicking on Email.

Side bar
Email settings

Within the email settings screen, there are a few changes to take note of.

We now have 6 new fields within this screen.

From address – This is the main address that all emails sent from MyExpenses appear to come from.

Systems address – This is the main systems email addresses used by the system to CC emails to. For example self registration emails to the finance system will appear to come from this address.

Digest send time – This is the time that the email digests will get sent out daily, the dropdown is in 24hr format. A time can be selected from the dropdowns.

Last digest sent – This is the time that the last digest email sent out by the system, this is crucial if it is believed that the email did not get sent out, as the system will only be able to send out one email per day.

Claim wait notification delay – This determines how long an item must remain unactioned until administrators get notified about its waiting state. For example this could be a claim that is still awaiting to be processed by a manager. The system would then send out a reminder email to remind the manager that a claim must be processed.

Email settings

In order to change the content of the email if you would like to edit the order the information is presented in or to add new fields, you must locate the email key in order to do this.

This email key is called

Email key

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