Cyber essentials certificate pass – 5 years

Another year has passed and we are delighted to announce we have successfully renewed our Cyber Essentials Certificate

Keeping our systems safe and secure if one of our highest priorities, and having this certification helps us to demonstrate that commitment, especially to our clients.

What does the Cyber essentials certification cover?

The Cyber essentials scheme offers very clear guidance on technical measures which must be implemented, across five different areas:

Firewalls – to protect all devices

Secure configuration – only necessary software, accounts, and apps are used

User access control – control of user accounts and administrative access & rights

Malware protection – implement effective virus protection measures

Patch management – keep your devices, software, and apps up to date.

What does this mean for our clients?

By maintaining our Cyber essentials certificate, we have ensured that we have the technical controls in place to be protected against the vast majority of common cyber-attacks.

Alongside our ISO 27001 certification, our clients can be assured that our cybersecurity awareness and management are in hand and that the data we hold is safe.

We are also reducing our risk of any interruptions to service which may be caused because of a cyber-attack.