Credit Card Reconciliation Settings

Credit Card Reconciliation Settings

When setting up card accounts on MyExpenses, there are a number of settings to control how users reconcile their card statements.

To find these, you need to go to Administration -> Other settings -> Account settings

In the list of accounts, click on the pencil icon next to the card account type.

Allow personal claims – when reconciling a credit card statement users have the ability to mark claim lines as personal expenditure.

Allow claim matching – if selected users can match credit card items to claims already in the system.

Available through credit card reconciliation only – when set to Yes the user will only be able to create credit card claims through credit card reconciliation. This will prevent the users card account from being available, when creating an expense claim line through the usual method (not using credit card reconciliation).

Statements to be reconciled against a single claim – when set all transactions from a users statement will all be set against a single claim. If the user starts reconciling a new statement this will cause a new claim to be created and the transactions from the new statement will go onto the new claim (transactions from the old statement will still be assigned to the original claim).

Enabling this option will only allow claimants to submit the claim once all lines on the credit card statement are reconciled. The description of the claim will be the same as the statement description, which cannot be edited. Claimants will be unable to add additional claims which are not related to the statement or add their credit card lines to a different claim line.

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Mobile Version 46.0

Enhancements Update to include Bulk & Heavy mileage (where claimants have transported large items for business purposes) and impove handling

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