Creating a New Claim

Creating a New Claim

From the Dashboard, click on Create a new claim

On the next screen complete the Purpose of claim and then click Add a claim line.

You can view/add receipts available to add to claim, or a new receipt can be uploaded whilst creating a claim. To upload a receipt whilst creating the claim you can use the Upload icon in the Available files and receipts area.

The Date, Category, Amount and Description can also be entered against the receipt, after uploading. To enter these values click the pencil icon after uploading the receipt to be taken to the below screen.

After the receipts have been uploaded you can then select any of these receipts to put against a claim line.

Select the + icon on the receipt to put this receipt against a claim line, it will automatically pick up the date of the receipt which you entered earlier, this can also be amended.

Once the receipt is used and stored against a claim line, it will disappear from the Available files and receipts area.

The Category can now be selected that you are claiming against from the available list. There is a search function on the category list to quickly locate a category to claim against.

Once you have selected the category, if you entered information against the receipt earlier, this will be automatically populated. Or you can enter the required details now.

If the incorrect information was entered, this can be edited.

Any claim limits set by your organisation will be displayed here.

If a receipt is required for certain categories then the reclaimable VAT will remain 0 until a receipt attachment has been added. If a receipt is attached then the VAT will be calculated based on the category default. If a receipt is not required then the default VAT calculation will be applied.

Enter a Description for the claim line, the account that this was paid from and any coding and then click Save.

To add additional claim lines, click Add a claim line from the Claim Overview screen. This option is also available when viewing the claim lines.

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