Creating Data Archives

Creating Data Archives

The DataXtract tool allows you to create and download archives of the data held in the system.

To create a new archive package, from the Administration menu, navigate to Tools and select DataXtract.

Here you will see a list of any current and previously created archive packages.

To create a new archive package, click on Queue a new package.

Choose whether to create a Monthly archive or a Custom archive for a specific date range, claim(s) and/or claimant(s).

Custom Archives

On the next screen, select the users you would like to be included in the archive, or select Add all.

Use the Description box, to name your archive, and select the date range which you want your archive to cover. Please note a date range is required when no other filters have been selected.

Once you have chosen the filters you require, click Add to queue to start archiving.

Monthly Archives

This option allows you to quickly create an archive package containing all of the data available in the current month. Select Monthly for the archive type and Add to queue.

Downloading Archive

When you have added your archive to the queue, it will show in Current packages with a “Queued” or “In Progress” status.

Please note, depending on the amount of data included in the archive, it may take some time to generate. You do not need to stay on the page or logged into MyExpenses while you wait. When it is ready, you will receive an email notification.

Your archive will then be available in the Completed packages list. You can download the zip file using the Download icon.

There is also the option to delete any archives you no longer need, using the Bin icon.

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