Testing – Creating a claim

Testing – Creating a claim

Log into MyExpenses with your login details, this will either be username and password or email address and password and start a new claim.

Use the link below for assistance entering a claim.

Creating a new claim

Recommended Checks

Claim Header

  • If you have proxy users setup, select the name of the user who the claim is on behalf of. (On behalf of is set to “Myself” as default).
  • If you have more than 1 claim type, check the available claim types from the drop down menu. (These will match any specific requirements for your company).
  • Enter the Purpose of the Claim (this field can be mandatory or not).


Local Purchase claim line

  • Select an expense category – start with a local purchase item, eg. Air fares or parking
  • Check the claim limit allowed for the specific expense – if you have included any in your design record
  • Add a receipt from the Files & Receipts section;
    • check the correct, date, value and currency are populated from the receipt
    • Check the VAT rate matches the default VAT rate for the category
    • When adding receipts, change the date, receipt amount and currency for a full test. This is the transactional information which will be added to a claim line once a category has been selected
  • Check the coding fields and description and reference field are displayed as they should be for that category
    • This can be specific coding fields, which can be mandatory or not and allow free typing or drop down selection only
    • The description and reference are free text fields, description is always displayed but can be mandatory or not and reference can be removed if not required, or shown and mandatory or not.
  • Check whether the additional people section is shown or not, this is determined by the expense category. If shown you can add names or numbers which will increment any authorisation limit on the category.
  • Click on Save.


Mileage claim line

  • Add a new line to the claim, select the mileage category. This section may differ depending on your mileage calculation requirements.
  • Select the mileage category, confirm the vehicle matches that created earlier, enter the postcodes from and to your business locations.
  • Add passengers if required and select a receipt from the Files & Receipts for fuel.
  • Enter any coding and save – check the correct levels of coding are displayed.
  • On the claim line overview you will be able to confirm the ppm rate received and whether VAT has been reclaimed at the relevant ppm rate as well.


Entertainment claim line

  • Finally add a new claim line and select an entertainment category.
  • Check that the type of people available match your company requirements (they can be changed if not)
    • note the Employee – existing attendee converts the name field to a drop down of all claimants in the system.
    • The other entertainment types are free text but require a first and last name.
  • Check the correct levels of coding are displayed.
  • Save this claim line. From the claim line overview check the VAT split is correct.

Processing the claim to check manager authorisation and specific workflow rules

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