Complete a timesheet

Complete a timesheet

Timesheet entry

Login as normal and from the side menu select MyTime and My timesheets.

If you have a timesheet to complete there will be a number next to My timesheets indicating this.

Within the My timesheets screen you will see draft timesheets.

Those with a plus icon are new and those with a pencil icon have been started but not yet submitted.

Click on either icon to open the timesheet.

Click on the large plus at the bottom of the screen to start recording your time.

Before entering your time you will be required to either select an activity or enter coding relating to your activity.

Time entry

There are 3 types of time entry. Your company may use a combination for different time activities depending on requirements.

For each type use the drop down boxes to select the number of hours or time required.

Number of hours spent on the activity.

Select the number of hours and minutes worked that day on that activity, the minutes will be rounded according to your company’s policy.

Use the Save button to record your times.

Activity entry with total hours per day

Start and End time of the activity.

Select the time you started and finished that activity each day.

Use the Save button to record your times.

Activity entry with start and end time

Activity start and end time with travel time.

Select the time you started travelling to the activity site. Select the time you started and ended the activity. Select the time you finished travelling to give a complete picture for that activity.

If you can claim mileage for your travel, select the Edit Mileage button to enter the number of miles traveled in the Distance section.

If the activity meets the allowance policy then use the Edit allowance button to select the country traveled to and the rate will be applied.

Activity Entry with start and end time

On completion of the week’s activities either use the Submit button to send your timesheet to your line manager or the Save as draft button to add to the timesheet during the week.

Submit to Authoriser

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