Working from home

Cloud Based Software Supporting Home Working

Developments in technology over the last decade has resulted in a significant shift onto cloud based systems, which for many businesses has opened up more opportunities for flexible working.

In light of the current national situation surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), more and more businesses are now looking to cloud based solutions to aid their business continuity in these difficult times.

By its nature, home working can bring many challenges to both employer and employee. For many years, Point Progress have been developing cloud based software, which is designed to support home working in 2 ways;

Firstly, as mentioned, our software is completely cloud based. Whether you are an employee, a manager or a member of the finance/admin or HR team, you can access and use our software from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection.

Secondly, our range of available software solutions is designed to assist with the possible headaches associated with managing home working employees.

From time sheets, to expense management and GDPR compliance, Point Progress is able to support your everyday business processes, while you and your employees focus on your core activities.

Many employees may already be working from home, or you are looking to implement this in the coming days and weeks. If that is the case, consider the benefits of using our cloud software to assist you:

  • Increased productivity – working from home can mean extra admin, especially if expenses are involved, as well as keeping track of time. If businesses have the facility to manage this on the cloud, employees have more time to focus on their job
  • Integration with other systems – our software will seamlessly integrate with your other core systems, such as your finance or HR system
  • Cheaper overall costs – as with any software, there is an outlay, however the money and time saved overall will bring a high return on investment
  • Rapid implementation – our projects team will have your software ready to go in a matter of days
  • Excellent customer support – just in case you need it, our friendly and knowledgeable tech team are on hand

Find out more about our cloud software for home workers to learn more about out how we can support your business.